Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom Cosmetic boxes

Something special should be done while presenting loved ones with a valuable gift like some jewelry or cosmetic item with all your heart to show pure love and affection. Ever wondered what can make them feel exuberant and joyous? The simplest way though can be by just wrapping the gift in stylish custom cosmetic boxes.

In addition to that, it happens to many people that something positioned on the shelf of a shop in the market catch up their attention within no time. This shows that these boxes are very eye-catching and heart-welcoming products that everyone loves. However, those boxes size and dimensions vary depending on the product to be packed and carried in it.

Styles of custom cosmetic boxes

These boxes are designed in such a way that their vibrant colors draw the attention of people immediately towards them. People become curious about the packaging of those sparkling cosmetics items that: What will be inside the packaging box?

For increasing this curiosity, we at Aqua printers company offer full customization in this regard to the design and styles of the boxes according to the choice of our customers. In addition to that, our professionals also assist to translate the client’s ideas into a coherent image and the best part of our assistance is that we do all our work without charging any high fees.

Aqua Printers Cosmetic Boxes 

Versatile styles and designs of different kinds of cosmetic boxes are the main things while choosing the product as a customer. 

Some of the specifications of our custom cosmetic boxes include the following:

  • Dimension: Available in all custom sizes
  • Printing: Colorful and also with and without digital printing
  • Paper stock: Eco-friendly kraft and cardboard paper
  • Quantities: According to the demand of the customer
  • Coating: Spot gloss and matte UV
  • Default process: Die-cutting, gluing, scoring, perforating
  • Options: Window cut out, gold/silver foiling
  • Proof: 2D, 3D mockup, a digital proof
  • Delivery duration: 6-8 business days

Where to buy custom cosmetic boxes?

If we discuss leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom cosmetic packaging boxes then Aqua printers lead the chart and are dominant in the market. The main reason behind our immense success is the skillful and experienced professionals of our company who empower all the different types of high-quality boxes.

We are all ready to contribute to society by producing any cosmetic box that our clients want. Usually, we produce bux board boxes and kraft boxes on demand. 

Order requirements 

Aqua Printers’ company’s professionals always encourage the clients and put their customers ahead of business. Customers can place an order of a minimum of 100 boxes and 500,000 boxes maximally.

It will take almost 6 to 8 working days to deliver the order. In case of emergency, we also facilitate the customer by reducing the standard period. Above all, our prices are very reasonable compare to the market.

How to create impactful printed custom cosmetic boxes

The stepwise procedure followed by our expert professionals and skilled labor to make the custom cosmetic boxes is given below:

  1. First of all, they emphasize the brand with the custom font as it grabs customer’s attention instantly and keeps their focus on the box for a longer period.
  2. Then, they add beautiful color combinations to enhance the quality of products and make them feel fresh and cool
  3. Thirdly, they utilize creative illustrations and distinct patterns to design an attractive cosmetic box. Mostly, abstract shapes and floral patterns work very easily on kraft boxes. 

Value addition in the boxes

Extra valuable add-ons are provided at the request of the respectable customer by Aqua printer’s professionals. They may either decorate the external shape by raising ink designs or add extraordinary ornaments like bows and strips. Besides these, some other add-ons of our company include the following:

  1. Spot UV
  2. Embossing and Debossing
  3. PVC Window
  4. Die-Cutting
  5. Hot Stamping and many more 

Business of Wholesale and retail 

Aqua printers encourage and manufacture a full array of kraft, cardboard, and corrugated packaging solution from simple boxes to customized

  1. cosmetic boxes
  2. soap boxes
  3. cosmetic displays
  4. apparel boxes
  5. retail and wholesale boxes 
  1. f) custom cream packaging boxes and many more 

Out of all these, the custom cosmetic boxes can be fully personalized with endless customization options in 

  1. material
  2. colors
  3. styles
  4. sizes
  5. designs and many more to choose from. 

We always try to bring product designs to real life with extreme clarity and perfection. 

Why client should choose Aqua printers?

There are several reasons behind the success of Aqua printers. The most primary one of those is that we are the finest example of out-of-the-box packaging solutions. And the second one is that we help our respectable clients in all possible ways. Besides these, some other things that make us stand out from all others in our competition are given below:

  1. Extensive beauty packaging: 

Packaging of custom cosmetic boxes is expansive everywhere just like makeup products, skincare items, and perfume packaging. 

  1. Eco-friendly packaging:

Aqua printers boxes customization experts understand very well the demand for sustainable efforts and support the shift in environmentally conscious decisions

  1. Large quantities capabilities:

Through our printing and production processes, we help you produce long run orders efficiently while maintaining the best quality

  1. Sample and prototyping:

The customer is advised to request a prototype from us before production. That is because the professionals of Aqua printers want to achieve perfection in supplying the best to their customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For better customer experience, some other factors should also be considered while placing an order. We offer special discounts that can also be a chance for you to grasp and get high-quality boxes at affordable rates. What makeup product are you shipping?

Ans: Liquid items should be sealed inside a container to prevent leaking during shipment. While some heavier items in weight require higher grades of packing type for durability and safe handling. Do I have to provide the design?

Ans: Yes, for customized manufacturing of custom cosmetic boxes, customers have to provide artwork of their brand or company. However, if they cannot provide sample design then Aqua printers provide free design support to you What is the ideal box size?

Ans: Optimizing the box size is beneficial for reducing space within the packaging of the product. While at the same time, small amounts of product can save both space and extra money Will temperatures damage the product?Ans: Depending on the season of the year, outdoor temperatures could play a major role in the quality of the custom cosmetic boxes and products present in them. Are the materials environmentally friendly?

Ans: Yes, nowadays, many companies are choosing to switch to more sustainable forms using eco-friendly boxes of packaging to reduce their environmental impact.