Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom cosmetic boxes play an important role in promoting your business and thousands of companies use them all over the world. Aqua Printers is an famous printing and packaging company that is greatly appreciated by a large number of cosmetic companies for its finest printing & packing facilities.

Custom cosmetic boxes for cosmetics products provide your products with extra glamour and gloss and enhance their grace. Most clients usually demand lipstick, nail polish, hair gel, perfume, foundations, and several other similar boxes of the same kind.

We manufacture custom cosmetic boxes using cutting-edge technology and are highly reliable and durable. They have excellent color schemes and you can make it according to the individual taste of the customer.

Aqua Printers is offering custom cosmetic boxes that are available in attractive colors such as black, red, silver, gold, brown, natural, pink, yellow, etc. You can also consider a wide variety of textures and prints.

We provide custom cosmetic packaging boxes with a full range of accessories such as gift boxes, printed ribbons, and acrylic covers. You can get attractive cosmetic boxes with your own brand images and graphics on them.

Custom cosmetic packaging boxes can be provided with custom logos. Some cosmetic companies also provide ribbons and stickers on the boxes. You can ask your cosmetic box manufacturer to engrave the names and logos of your brand clients on the boxes.

Customized custom cosmetic boxes can be manufactured using high-quality paperboard and polyester fabrics. This enables you to customize the entire box and get your product delivered right at your doorsteps. Custom packaging solutions are offered by almost all leading cosmetic box manufacturers, but no one does it better than Aqua Printers.

Material Selection for Cosmetic Boxes

While a number of companies manufacture packaging from ready-made stock, others prefer to design their packaging solutions on the basis of customer requirements.

Here are a few options to choose from when considering customization of packaging solutions for personal and professional products.

Corrugated paperboard

Corrugated paperboard cosmetic packaging provides high-quality and durable packaging solutions. The material is easy to handle and inexpensive. The best feature of this material is that you can use it for a wide range of purposes. It ranges from confectionery to medical devices to toiletries and so on. Corrugated paperboard can even be customized to become perforated for various purposes.

Cardboard material

We make cardboard cosmetic boxes of durable cardboard. It has low emission properties, which make it suitable for use in food and cosmetic packaging. The material is available in a variety of thicknesses and you can even print with dye and pattern designs. These boxes are available in various sizes to meet specific requirements.

Cosmetic Boxes Materials Options

While packaging cosmetic products, we prefer fiberboard or fiberglass, as these are environment friendly and low emission packaging options for the consumer. The material has high stiffness and durability and can also hold heavyweights.

In addition to packaging products, you can use these boxes in the cosmetic industry for aesthetic purposes. Apart from packaging, you can customize these boxes to serve as display panels for promotional products.

We use the best materials for cosmetic packaging

Plastic is another popular packaging material used by the cosmetic industry. It is an affordable packaging option and lightweight. The material is available in a large range of thicknesses and designs and we use it for small to large items. While we use custom packaging boxes for packaging electronic and cosmetic products, we use plastic custom boxes for promotional and specialty items.

High-gloss lamination for cosmetic packaging

High gloss lamination is another method we use to coat the box surface. Furthermore, we also use animation on box surfaces to provide a smooth and glossy finish. High gloss lamination works well for cosmetic boxes that need to retain a clear finish and do not permit the color to bleed through.

The high gloss coating enhances the product’s visual appeal and adds a touch of professionalism to the box. However, the high cost with this method requires a certain amount of skill and experience of the craftsman, as it requires applying a thin plastic film that we peel off and place it over the surface of the box.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes in the USA

Cosmetic packaging is an alternative method that provides excellent value for the money spent on the packaging. This method of brand promotion allows manufacturers and sellers to create customized lipstick boxes. Furthermore, you can manufacture compact mirrors in:

  • Attractive Matte Black
  • Frosted Shades
  • Metallic Colors
  • Silver Tones

You can do all of it according to the specific needs of the customer.

Furthermore, the cosmetic custom packaging has waterproof and heat-resistant material. It is easy to assemble with adhesive tape.

The best packaging solution for personal products includes custom cosmetic packaging that meets the specific requirements of the product. Custom cosmetic boxes are the most convenient and effective way to display and store cosmetic products, ranging from cosmetics, hair care products, skincare products, and dietary supplements.

Aqua Printers  offer a custom look at a reasonable price. In conclusion, with the increasing number of cosmetic products and the competition in the market, we are providing impeccable services such as complimentary samples, free trial products, and free product shipping to increase sales.